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Oracle WebCenter Changes its face…again!

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After the migration of BEA AquaLogic Interaction into WebCenter Interaction suite, Oracle made a new advancement after acquiring FatWire, and after the acquisition of Stellent Content Management System, Oracle has announced the WebCenter Suite strategy as follows:

  • WebCenter Sites

    This is the WEM (Web Experience Management) Functionality that Oracle talked about when acquired FatWire, and it’s different that a normal WCM (Web Content Management) see this article, there is no talk of how this feature gonna be from oracle, but soon enough we will know, however oracle defines the product as :Oracle WebCenter sites enables marketers to rapidly create multiple online experiences that strengthen customer engagement. It allows them to reduce maintenance demands on IT while gaining more control over dynamic targeted content to promote customer loyalty and increase revenue.Waiting to see more about WebCenter Sites
  • WebCenter Portal

    This is basically the old WebCenter Suite as we used to know it, including Oracle Weblogic Portal and Oracle WebCenter Interaction suite plus WebCenter Servies, oracle defines the product as:Oracle WebCenter portal is a portal and composite applications solution that delivers intuitive user experiences for the enterprise that are seamlessly integrated with your enterprise applications.
  • WebCenter Content

    This was a shock to me, because this is Oracle ECM in its new name, and hopefully new face.
    This will be the official name for Oracle ECM from now on, so ECM people should get used to it!, and here is the oracle definition of the productOracle WebCenter content provides organizations with a unified repository to house unstructured content, and deliver it to business users in the proper format, and within context of familiar applications to fit the way they work.
  • WebCenter Connect

    Stream Based Conversation System, That’s how oracle made it look like, This is also a new thing that oracle introduces, to know more read this post, or read the definition of the product from Oracle:Oracle WebCenter connect provides an innovative social experience designed to drive collaborative decision making within businesses through a modern web experience and consumer style design that delivers a highly engaging environment to focus productivity.Waiting to see more about this interesting news, don’t you!
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