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What is Oracle WebCenter Connect

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In my Previous Post I pointed out the new WebCenter Strategy that Oracle Presented, which includes four products

WebCenter Sites – A WEM (Web Experience Management) System which FatWire Acquisition played a great role of making
WebCenter Portal – The old definition of Oracle WebCenter Suite including WebCenter Interaction, WebLogic Portal
WebCenter Content – Which is the new name of Oracle ECM which was acquired from Stellent by Oracle
WebCenter Content – From which I want to point out new information about it

As Oracle says, the WebCenter Connect consists of three major products


1- Oracle On Track Communication

This is the main component of Connect which in my mind is going to be a blow in the WebCenter Products, because of it’s structure and paradigm.It uses a different model, than we we would originally think, and that is the ConversationA Conversation  is a way of communication, think of it like an email, a presentation, a chat, document annotations or even a video call, this is all a conversation material, you can make a conversation with a person using those stuff, but further more this conversation is a needed assets in the now application for historical and referencing reason, so it can be categorized into more stuff, like a Task for example, a task can be a set of Conversations that have specific metadata like assigned person and stuff, and the conversation content can be attached files of the task content itself or can be consultation help of this task, or even a voice recording about description of this Task, take this example and expand it to cover Projects, Meetings and more, it’s like the Google Wave project with some cool plugins for browser and Outlook and mobility focused application like iPhone and iPad you have what you need to do things for the enterprise on Go.What will be amazing, is how this capabilities gonna be integrated in the new WebCenter SuiteHere is  some Screen shots of  the product:

2- Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration

This is the old WebCenter Collaboration Server which improves efficiency and productivity by enabling users to connect and collaborate with others via instant messaging, presence, chat rooms, and web and voice conferencing, it’s a key piece for portal if you want to enable rich interaction between users and provide a more connectable Portals, and it’s available as part of the Beehive Product

3- Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration

Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration (WebCenter IC) is a unique connection brokering solution that gives employees a way to easily reach out to the most knowledgeable people throughout your organization to get the critical insights and information they need to make smarter business decisions. Unlike other expertise search or expertise location solutions out there, WebCenter IC doesn’t rely on users having to manage profiles, or publish tags that describe their expertise, or even share any information or activities with others. Instead, the WebCenter IC system builds rich, private profiles of all employees and then acts as a broker between a person needing help on a topic and the people that are most knowledgeable about that topic. Without revealing the identity or profiles of those targeted, the system sends them ‘invitations to connect’ and only when the person opts-in to respond is his or her identity revealed.

So now the important question, how those products will fit under the WebCenter Umbrella and play nicely with WebCenter Portal, Sites and Content
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